Nature is still the best source to make your soul enliven in this cruel hectic world. Perhaps, that is why people love to go to natural places to enjoy their holidays or trips

They will make you feel fresh, make your soul animate, and will rejuvenate your whole body. And this is one of the biggest reasons why people are obsessed with plants. So, if you are the lover of plants and will love to buy them, then there some shops in London from where you can buy your favorite one-

1)  Kill the closest snake

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Kill the closest snake shop is located at Hackney downs studio. It is an indoor plant shop. From here, you will get your all desired plants, those you want to settle in your balcony or terrace.

2)  Prick, Dalston

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The Prick store is the first dedicated store of cacti and contains some magnificent and exotic plants in all Europe and the UK. Apart from their cacti store, they also offer some homemade pots made by the local artists of the city.

3)  Grace and Thorn 

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Grace and thorn is known for its lovely bunches. And some of their flowers are also used in fashion shoots for some great brands like Whistles and Topman. They have a vast collection of plants, and you will get there for which you are looking. 

4)  Plant Warehouse

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Another great and popular name on the list! This shop is located near Bethnal green. This shop is a bit less expensive in comparison to other plant stores. It offers excellent varieties of plants.  

So, there best shops or plant stores in London from where you can find or purchase your favorite plants at the best prices. 
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